Re: pool(s) do not have an application enabled after upgrade ti 17.2.7

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08.11.2023 00:15, Eugen Block пишет:

I think I need to remove pools cephfs.cephfs.meta and  using


by the way, as far as I know,  deleting pools not allowed by default, I have to allow it first.
|ceph tell mon.\* injectargs '--mon-allow-pool-delete=true' Thank you! |

yes, looks like deleting those pools would be safe. The injectargs command should work, although I do it like this:

$ ceph config set mon mon_allow_pool_delete true

And then set it back to false when I'm done and other people have access to the cluster to minimize the risk. ;-)

Thank you!

Removed pools, looks like everything works :-)

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