Packages for 17.2.7 released without release notes / announcement (Re: Re: Status of Quincy 17.2.5 ?)

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Sorry to dig up this old thread ...

On 25.01.23 10:26, Christian Rohmann wrote:
On 20/10/2022 10:12, Christian Rohmann wrote:
1) May I bring up again my remarks about the timing:

On 19/10/2022 11:46, Christian Rohmann wrote:

I believe the upload of a new release to the repo prior to the announcement happens quite regularly - it might just be due to the technical process of releasing. But I agree it would be nice to have a more "bit flip" approach to new releases in the repo and not have the packages appear as updates prior to the announcement and final release and update notes.
By my observations sometimes there are packages available on the download servers via the "last stable" folders such as quite some time before the announcement of a release is out. I know it's hard to time this right with mirrors requiring some time to sync files, but would be nice to not see the packages or have people install them before there are the release notes and potential pointers to changes out.

Todays 16.2.11 release shows the exact issue I described above ....

1) 16.2.11 packages are already available via e.g. 2) release notes not yet merged: (, thus show a 404 :-) 3) No announcement like to the ML yet.

I really appreciate the work (implementation and also testing) that goes into each release. But the release of 17.2.7 showed the issue of "packages available before the news is out":

1) packages are available on e.g.
2) There are NO release notes on at yet
3) And there is no announcement on the ML yet

It would be awesome if you could consider bit-flip releases with packages only available right with the communication / release notes.



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