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I started with Octopus. It had one very serious flaw that I only fixed
by having Ceph self-upgrade to Pacific. Octopus required perfect health
to alter daemons and often the health problems were themselves issues
with daemons. Pacific can overlook most of those problems, so it's a
lot easier to repair stuff.

Nautilus is also the highest level supported natively by CentOS 7 (I
went with Octopus because I mis-read that). I can attest that a Ceph FS
mount under the Nautilus packages to Octopus and Pacific seem to work
just find, incidentally.

I can't use Ansible myself, because my hardware distribution is too
irregular, so I'm doing everything from Ceph commands.

If you are currently running on Ceph as installed services rather than
containerized, I should also note that apparently the version of Docker
for CentOS7 (which I'll take as a rough equivalent to what you've got)
cannot properly run the Ceph containers. AlmaLinux 8, however has no

Since I've yet to migrate most of my hosts off CentOS 7, I run most of
Ceph in VMs running AlmaLinux 8. The OSD storage I mount as raw disks
to avoid the extra layer that virtualizing them would entail. The raw
disks are themselves LVM logical volumes as I don't have dedicated
physical drives. It's a work in progress, and a messy one.

I don't know if you can do incremental migration with mixed
Nautilus/Pacific OSDs, if Nautilus supports Ceph's internal upgrade
(Octopus does), or if it's best to just crank up a fresh Ceph and
migrate the data via something like rsync (which I did, since I was
moving from glusterfs to Ceph). Maybe someone with more knowledge of
the internals can answer these questions.


On Tue, 2023-10-17 at 20:18 -0400, Dave Hall wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a Nautilus cluster built using Ceph packages from Debian 10
> Backports, deployed with Ceph-Ansible.
> I see that Debian does not offer Ceph 15/Octopus packages.  However,
> does offer such packages.
> Question:  Is it a safe upgrade to install the
> packages
> over top of the buster-backports packages?
> If so, the next question is how to deploy this?  Should I pull down
> an
> appropriate version of Ceph-Ansible and use the rolling-upgrade
> playbook?
> Or just apg-get -f dist-upgrade the new Ceph packages into place?
> BTW, in the long run I'll probably want to get to container-based
> Reef, but
> I need to keep a stable cluster throughout.
> Any advice or reassurance much appreciated.
> Thanks.
> -Dave
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> Dave Hall
> Binghamton University
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