Re: stuck MDS warning: Client HOST failing to respond to cache pressure

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On 18/10/2023 10:02, Frank Schilder wrote:
Hi Loïc,

thanks for the pointer. Its kind of the opposite extreme to dropping just everything. I need to know the file name that is in cache. I'm looking for a middle way, say, "drop_caches -u USER" that drops all caches of files owned by user USER. This way I could try dropping caches for a bunch of users who are *not* running a job.

You can use something like the following to get the list of filenames opened by $USER in $USERDIR (CephFS mountpoint):
	lsof -au $USER $USERDIR | awk '/REG/{print $NF}' | sort -u

Some level of "drop_caches -u $USER" can then be achieved with piping the above commands to "xargs -r $SOMEWHERE/drop-from-pagecache".

No need to be "root" if run as $USER.

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