Re: stuck MDS warning: Client HOST failing to respond to cache pressure

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On 17-10-2023 09:22, Frank Schilder wrote:
Hi all,

I'm affected by a stuck MDS warning for 2 clients: "failing to respond to cache pressure". This is a false alarm as no MDS is under any cache pressure. The warning is stuck already for a couple of days. I found some old threads about cases where the MDS does not update flags/triggers for this warning in certain situations. Dating back to luminous and I'm probably hitting one of these.

In these threads I could find a lot except for instructions for how to clear this out in a nice way. Is there something I can do on the clients to clear this warning? I don't want to evict/reboot just because of that.

echo 2 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches on the clients .... does that help?

Gr. Stefan
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