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Den tis 3 okt. 2023 kl 11:59 skrev Thomas Bennett <thomas@xxxxxxxx>:

> Hi,
> I'm running a Ceph 17.2.5 Rados Gateway and I have a user with more than
> 1000 buckets.
> When the client tries to list all their buckets using s3cmd, rclone and
> python boto3, they all three only ever return the first 1000 bucket names.
> I can confirm the buckets are all there (and more than 1000) by checking
> with the radosgw-admin command.
> Have I missed a pagination limit for listing user buckets in the rados
> gateway?
There is/was this bug that made the list not tell clients that there are
more than 1000 buckets, so the clients would not ask for next list of

For Quincy, it was in 17.2.6 so upgrading to that version would also fix it.
search for


   rgw: Fix truncated ListBuckets response (pr#49525
   <>, Joshua Baergen)

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