Join us for the User + Dev Relaunch, happening this Thursday!

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Hi Ceph users and developers,

We invite you to join us at the User + Dev Relaunch, happening this
Thursday at 10:00 AM EST! See below for more meeting details. Also see this
blog post to read more about the relaunch:

We have two guest speakers who will present their focus topics during the
first 40 minutes of the session:

   1. "What to do when Ceph isn't Ceph-ing" by Cory Snyder
       Topics include troubleshooting tips, effective ways to gather help
from the community, ways to improve cluster health and insights, and more!

   2. "Ceph Usability Improvements" by Jonas Sterr
       A continuation of a talk from Cephalocon 2023, updated after trying
out the Reef Dashboard.

The last 20 minutes of the meeting will be dedicated to open discussion.
Feel free to add questions for the speakers or additional topics under the
"Open Discussion" section on the agenda:

If you have an idea for a focus topic you'd like to present at a future
meeting, you are welcome to submit it to this Google Form:
Any Ceph user or developer is eligible to submit!

Laura Flores

Meeting link:

Time conversions:
UTC:                           Thursday, September 21, 14:00 UTC
Mountain View, CA, US:         Thursday, September 21,  7:00 PDT
Phoenix, AZ, US:               Thursday, September 21,  7:00 MST
Denver, CO, US:                Thursday, September 21,  8:00 MDT
Huntsville, AL, US:            Thursday, September 21,  9:00 CDT
Raleigh, NC, US:               Thursday, September 21, 10:00 EDT
London, England:               Thursday, September 21, 15:00 BST
Paris, France:                 Thursday, September 21, 16:00 CEST
Helsinki, Finland:             Thursday, September 21, 17:00 EEST
Tel Aviv, Israel:              Thursday, September 21, 17:00 IDT
Pune, India:                   Thursday, September 21, 19:30 IST
Brisbane, Australia:           Friday, September 22,  0:00 AEST
Singapore, Asia:               Thursday, September 21, 22:00 +08
Auckland, New Zealand:         Friday, September 22,  2:00 NZST


Laura Flores


Software Engineer, Ceph Storage <>

Chicago, IL

lflores@xxxxxxx | lflores@xxxxxxxxxx <lflores@xxxxxxxxxx>
M: +17087388804
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