CephFS warning: clients laggy due to laggy OSDs

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Hey all,

Since the upgrade to Ceph 16.2.14, I keep seeing the following warning:

10 client(s) laggy due to laggy OSDs

ceph health detail shows it as:

[WRN] MDS_CLIENTS_LAGGY: 10 client(s) laggy due to laggy OSDs
    mds.***(mds.3): Client *** is laggy; not evicted because some OSD(s) is/are laggy
    more of this...

When I restart the client(s) or the affected MDS daemons, the message goes away and then comes back after a while. ceph osd perf does not list any laggy OSDs (a few with 10-60ms ping, but overwhelmingly < 1ms), so I'm on a total loss what this even means.

I have never seen this message before nor was I able to find anything about it. Do you have any idea what this message actually means and how I can get rid of it?


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