Separating Mons and OSDs in Ceph Cluster

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am writing to seek guidance and best practices for a maintenance operation
in my Ceph cluster. I have an older cluster in which the Monitors (Mons)
and Object Storage Devices (OSDs) are currently deployed on the same host.
I am interested in separating them while ensuring zero downtime and
minimizing risks to the cluster's stability.

The primary goal is to deploy new Monitors on different servers without
causing service interruptions or disruptions to data availability.

The challenge arises because updating the configuration to add new Monitors
typically requires a restart of all OSDs, which is less than ideal in terms
of maintaining cluster availability.

One approach I considered is to reweight all OSDs on the host to zero,
allowing data to gradually transfer to other OSDs. Once all data has been
safely migrated, I would proceed to remove the old OSDs. Afterward, I would
deploy the new Monitors on a different server with the previous IP
addresses and deploy the OSDs on the old Monitors' host with new IP

While this approach seems to minimize risks, it can be time-consuming and
may not be the most efficient way to achieve the desired separation.

I would greatly appreciate the community's insights and suggestions on the
best approach to achieve this separation of Mons and OSDs with zero
downtime and minimal risk. If there are alternative methods or best
practices that can be recommended, please share your expertise.
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