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Hi Everyone,
I've been fighting with a ceph cluster that we have recently
physically relocated and lost 2 OSDs during the ensuing power down and
relocation. After powering everything back on we have
             3   incomplete
             3   remapped+incomplete
And indeed we have 2 OSDs that died along the way.
The reason I'm contacting the list is that I'm surprised that these
PGs are incomplete.  We're running Erasure coding with K=4, M=2 which
in my understanding we should be able to lose 2 OSDs without an issue.
Am I mis-understanding this or does m=2 mean you can lose m-1 OSDs?

Also, these two OSDs happened to be in the same server (#3 of 8 total servers).

This is an older cluster running Nautilus 14.2.9.

Any thoughts?
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