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On Wednesday, August 30, 2023 8:38:21 PM EDT Thorne Lawler wrote:
> If there isn't any documentation for this yet, can anyone tell me:
>   * How do I inspect/change my NFS/haproxy/keepalived configuration?
>   * What is it supposed to look like? Does someone have a working example?

The configuration for haproxy, keepalive, and ganesha are generated.
I'm assuming you are using cephadm orchestration. If you want to see what it 
generated configs contain look in /var/lib/ceph/<FSID>/<svc-name>/
under those dirs may be additional subdirectories like etc/ or config/ (it 
varies from service to service)

It's not simple to customize those files directly. It's not impossible but it's 
probably not worth it (IMO).

Also, speaking only for my personal opinion, the current NFS situation is one 
of OK scale-out but is HA in name only. Fail over is not mature. To make it 
so, changes need to happen throughout the stack including in nfs-ganesha. I 
know there are some conversations happening around this topic but I don't know 
the best place to get involved upstream.

I know this probably isn't very satisfactory, but I hope the information 

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