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If there isn't any documentation for this yet, can anyone tell me:

 * How do I inspect/change my NFS/haproxy/keepalived configuration?
 * What is it supposed to look like? Does someone have a working example?

Thank you.

On 31/08/2023 9:36 am, Thorne Lawler wrote:
Sorry everyone,

Is there any more detailed documentation on the high availability NFS functionality in current Ceph?

This is a pretty serious sticking point.

Thank you.

On 30/08/2023 9:33 am, Thorne Lawler wrote:
Fellow cephalopods,

I'm trying to get quick, seamless NFS failover happening on my four-node Ceph cluster.

I followed the instructions here:

but testing shows that failover doesn't happen. When I placed node 2 ("san2") in maintenance mode, the NFS service shut down:

Aug 24 14:19:03 san2 ceph-e2f1b934-ed43-11ec-80fa-04421a1a1d66-nfs-xcpnfs-1-0-san2-datsvq[1962479]: 24/08/2023 04:19:03 : epoch 64b8af5a : san2 : ganesha.nfsd-8[Admin] do_shutdown :MAIN :EVENT :Removing all exports. Aug 24 14:19:13 san2 bash[3235994]: time="2023-08-24T14:19:13+10:00" level=warning msg="StopSignal SIGTERM failed to stop container ceph-e2f1b934-ed43-11ec-80fa-04421a1a1d66-nfs-xcpnfs-1-0-san2-datsvq in 10 seconds, resorting to SIGKILL" Aug 24 14:19:13 san2 bash[3235994]: ceph-e2f1b934-ed43-11ec-80fa-04421a1a1d66-nfs-xcpnfs-1-0-san2-datsvq Aug 24 14:19:13 san2 systemd[1]:ceph-e2f1b934-ed43-11ec-80fa-04421a1a1d66@nfs.xcpnfs.1.0.san2.datsvq.servic <mailto:ceph-e2f1b934-ed43-11ec-80fa-04421a1a1d66@nfs.xcpnfs.1.0.san2.datsvq.servic>e: Main process exited, code=exited, status=137/n/a Aug 24 14:19:14 san2 systemd[1]:ceph-e2f1b934-ed43-11ec-80fa-04421a1a1d66@nfs.xcpnfs.1.0.san2.datsvq.servic <mailto:ceph-e2f1b934-ed43-11ec-80fa-04421a1a1d66@nfs.xcpnfs.1.0.san2.datsvq.servic>e: Failed with result 'exit-code'. Aug 24 14:19:14 san2 systemd[1]: Stopped Ceph nfs.xcpnfs.1.0.san2.datsvq for e2f1b934-ed43-11ec-80fa-04421a1a1d66.

And that's it. The ingress IP didn't move.

More odd, the cluster seems to have placed the ingress IP on node 1 (san1) but seems to be using the NFS service on node 2.

Do I need to more tightly connect the NFS service to the keepalive and haproxy services, or do I need to expand the ingress services to refer to multiple NFS services?

Thank you.



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