Is there any way to fine tune peering/pg relocation/rebalance?

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Is there a way to somehow fine tune the rebalance even further than basic tuning steps when adding new osds?
Today I've added some osd to the index pool and it generated many slow ops due to OSD op latency increase + read operation latency increase = high put get latency.

osd max backfill, max recovery, recovery ops priority are 1.
1 nvme drive has 4 osd, each osd has around 80pg.

The steps how I add the osds:

  1.  Set norebalance
  2.  add the osds
  3.  wait for peering
  4.  unset rebalance

It takes like 15-20 mins to became normal without interrupting the rebalance the user traffic.

Thank you,

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