Re: rbd export-diff/import-diff hangs

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On Mon, Aug 28, 2023 at 6:21 AM Tony Liu <tonyliu0592@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> It's export-diff from an in-use image, both from-snapshot and to-snapshot exist.
> The same from-snapshot exists in import image, which is the to-snapshot from last diff.
> export/import is used for local backup, rbd-mirroring is used for remote backup.

Just to make it clear, do you mean you are running export-diff for an
image that is being mirrored
(snapshot based)?

> Looking for options to get more info to troubleshoot.

I would split "rbd export-diff | rbd import-diff" into two commands:

   rbd export-diff > image.diff
   rbd import-diff < image.diff

and see if it gets stuck for the first one, so we are sure the
export-diff is the issue here.
The next step would be enabling rbd debug, something like this:

  rbd export-diff .. --debug-rbd=20

Hope it will not use too much space and you will be able to get a log
for a getting stuck case.
Then please provide the log for review somehow. Also, notice the time
when you interrupt the hanging

Mykola Golub
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