rbd export-diff/import-diff hangs

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I'm using rbd import and export to copy image from one cluster to another.
Also using import-diff and export-diff to update image in remote cluster.
For example, "rbd --cluster local export-diff ... | rbd --cluster remote import-diff ...".
Sometimes, the whole command is stuck. I can't tell it's stuck on which end of the pipe.
I did some search, [1] seems the same issue and [2] is also related.

Wonder if there is any way to identify where it's stuck and get more debugging info.
Given [2], I'd suspect the import-diff is stuck, cause rbd client is importing to the
remote cluster. Networking latency could be involved here? Ping latency is 7~8 ms.

Any comments is appreciated!

[1] https://bugs.launchpad.net/cinder/+bug/2031897
[2] https://stackoverflow.com/questions/69858763/ceph-rbd-import-hangs

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