When to use the auth profiles simple-rados-client and profile simple-rados-client-with-blocklist?

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Hey ceph-users,

1) When configuring Gnocchi to use Ceph storage (see https://gnocchi.osci.io/install.html#ceph-requirements)
I was wondering if one could use any of the auth profiles like
 * simple-rados-client
 * simple-rados-client-with-blocklist ?

Or are those for different use cases?

2) I was also wondering why the documentation mentions "(Monitor only)" but then it says
"Gives a user read-only permissions for monitor, OSD, and PG data."?

3) And are those profiles really for "read-only" users? Why don't they have "read-only" in their name like the rbd and the corresponding "rbd-read-only" profile?



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