Upcoming change to fix "ceph config dump" output inconsistency.

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Hello Everyone,

Recently, an issue related to inconsistency in the output of
"ceph config dump" command was reported. The inconsistency
is between the normal (non-pretty-print) and pretty-print
outputs. The non-pretty print output displays the localized
option name whereas the pretty-print output displays the
normalized option name. For e.g.,

Normalized: mgr/dashboard/ssl_server_port
Localized: mgr/dashboard/x/ssl_server_port

The fix ensures that the localized option name is shown in all
cases. The issue is tracked in https://tracker.ceph.com/issues/62379
and the fix is not yet merged.

This is to give a heads up in case you have any kind of automation
that relies on the pretty-printed output (json, xml). This fix would soon
be made available in upstream and downstream branches.

If you have any concerns around this change,  please let us know.

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