Re: [quincy] Migrating ceph cluster to new network, bind OSDs to multple public_nework

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Den mån 21 aug. 2023 kl 12:28 skrev Boris Behrens <bb@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi,
> I need to migrate a storage cluster to a new network.
> I added the new network to the ceph config via:
> ceph config set global public_network "old_network/64, new_network/64"
> I've added a set of new mon daemons with IP addresses in the new network
> and they are added to the quorum and seem to work as expected.
> But when I restart the OSD daemons, the do not bind to the new addresses. I
> would have expected that the OSDs try to bind to all networks but they are
> only bound to the old_network.

I think they bind to an address found to be in one of the public
networks, so exactly how that choice is made I don't know, but as long
as the old is a valid network, it can get picked.

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