Check allocated RGW bucket/object size after enabling Bluestore compression

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I have enabled Bluestore compression and I see that my data is being compressed by checking the following metrics:

bash-4.4$ ceph tell osd.0 perf dump | grep compre
        "compress_success_count": 24064,
        "compress_rejected_count": 1,
        "bluestore_compressed": 1617592,
        "bluestore_compressed_allocated": 98844672,
        "bluestore_compressed_original": 197689344,
        "bluestore_extent_compress": 107478,

So far I was able to check the size the compressed data only on osd and pool level, but not on S3 bucket or object level.

I see that if we enable RGW compression, we can see the actual (before compression) and utilized (after compression) size of the bucket.
Is it possible to find the same information but with Bluestore compression ?

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