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> To allow for faster linear reads and writes, please create a file,
> /etc/udev/rules.d/80-rbd.rules, with the following contents (assuming
> that the VM sees the RBD as /dev/sda):
> KERNEL=="sda", ENV{DEVTYPE}=="disk", ACTION=="add|change",
> ATTR{bdi/read_ahead_kb}="32768"
> Or test it without any udev rule like this:
> bloskdev --setra 65536 /dev/sda
> The difference in numbers is because one is in kilobytes and one is in
> 512-byte sectors.

> Mandatory warning: this setting can hurt other workloads.

Such as what workloads? Would the results show in the average latency rbd overview? Or is it better to monitor somewhere else?
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