Can ceph-volume manage the LVs optionally used for DB / WAL at all?

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Hey ceph-users,

I was wondering if ceph-volume did anything in regards to the management (creation, setting metadata, ....) of LVs which are used for
DB / WAL of an OSD?

Reading the documentation at is seems to indicate that the LV to be used as e.g. DB needs to be created manually (without ceph-volume) and exist prior to using ceph-volume to move the DB to that LV? I suppose the same is true for "ceph-volume lvm create" or "ceph-volume lvm prepare" and "--block.db"

It's not that creating a few LVs is hard... it's just that ceph volume does apply some structure to the naming of LVM VGs and LVs on the OSD device and also adds metadata. That would then be up to the user, right?


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