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I'll try to summarize as far as I understand the process, please correct me if I'm wrong.

- delete: drain and then delete (optionally keep OSD ID)
- destroy: mark as destroyed (to re-use OSD ID)
- purge: remove everything

I would call the "delete" option in the dashboard as a "safe delete", the OSD is only removed if it's "safe-to-destroy" which you can also check via CLI:

quincy-1:~ # ceph osd safe-to-destroy 0
Error EBUSY: OSD(s) 0 have 20 pgs currently mapped to them.

Only if the OSD has been drained successfully it will be eventually "purged" or marked as "destroyed" so you can re-use the ID (depends on the checkbox to preserve the ID). Here's some example from a Reef test cluster (don't mind the quincy hostnames), I deleted the OSD without wanting to replace it (note the "replace: False" output):

[dashboard INFO controllers.osd] Start removing osd.0 (replace: False)...
[dashboard INFO controllers.osd] Current removing OSDs [osd.0]
[dashboard INFO controllers.osd] Wait until osd.0 is removed...
[dashboard INFO request] [::ffff:<IP>:51896] [DELETE] [202] [2.011s] [admin] [68.0B] /api/osd/0
[cephadm INFO root] osd.0 crush weight is 0.009796142578125
[cephadm INFO root] osd.0 weight is now 0.0
[cephadm INFO root] osd.0 now down
[cephadm INFO cephadm.serve] Removing daemon osd.0 from quincy-2 -- ports []
[cephadm INFO] Removing key for osd.0
[cephadm INFO] Successfully removed osd.0 on quincy-2
[cephadm INFO] Successfully purged osd.0 on quincy-2

So it reweights the OSD to 0 (drained) and then purges it, so in the end "delete" does the same as purge (delete key and remove it from the crush tree), just safely with draining. If an OSD is already down and out and has no PGs anymore you also have the dashboard options to either "destroy" it (marked "destroyed" in the crush tree so you can re-use the ID) or "purge" it (everything is removed). In the CLI you can directly choose "destroy" or "purge" if you don't want to wait for the draining (be careful!).

I hope that clears it up a bit.


Zitat von Nicola Mori <mori@xxxxxxxxxx>:

Dear Ceph users,

I see that the OSD page of the Ceph dashboard offers three possibilities for "removing" an OSD: delete, destroy and purge. The delete operation has the possibility to flag the "Preserve OSD ID(s) for replacement." option. I searched for explanations of the differences between the three commands but I didn't find anything definitive, so I'd need some help with this.
Thanks in advance,


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