Puzzle re 'ceph: mds0 session blocklisted"

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Can anyone help me understand seemingly contradictory cephfs error messages?

I have a RHEL ceph client that mounts a cephfs file system via autofs.  Very typical.  After boot, when a user first uses the mount, for example 'ls /mountpoint' , all appears normal to the user.  But on the system console I get, every time after first boot:


[  412.762310] Key type dns_resolver registered
[  412.912107] Key type ceph registered
[  412.925268] libceph: loaded (mon/osd proto 15/24)
[  413.110488] ceph: loaded (mds proto 32)
[  413.124870] libceph: mon3 (2)[fc00:1002:c7::44]:3300 session established
[  413.128298] libceph: client56471655 fsid 4067126d-01cb-40af-824a-881c130140f8
[  413.355716] ceph: mds0 session blocklisted


The autofs line is

/mountpoint -fstype=ceph,fs=cephlibraryfs,fsid=really-big-number,name=cephuser,secretfile=/etc/ceph/secret1.key,ms_mode=crc,relatime,recover_session=clean,mount_timeout=15,fscontext="system_u:object_r:cephfs_t:s0" [fc00:1002:c7::41]:3300,[fc00:1002:c7::42]:3300,[fc00:1002:c7::43]:3300,[fc00:1002:c7::44]:3300:/

'blocklisting' is, well, 'bad'... but there's no obvious user effect.  Is there an 'unobvious' problem?   What am I missing?  Ceph pacific everywhere latest.


Harry Coin

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