Re: MDS stuck in rejoin

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On 7/26/23 22:13, Frank Schilder wrote:
Hi Xiubo.

... I am more interested in the kclient side logs. Just want to
know why that oldest request got stuck so long.
I'm afraid I'm a bad admin in this case. I don't have logs from the host any more, I would have needed the output of dmesg and this is gone. In case it happens again I will try to pull the info out.

The tracker sounds a lot more violent than our situation. We had no problems with the MDSes, the cache didn't grow and the relevant one was also not put into read-only mode. It was just this warning showing all the time, health was OK otherwise. I think the warning was there for at least 16h before I failed the MDS.

The MDS log contains nothing, this is the only line mentioning this client:

2023-07-20T00:22:05.518+0200 7fe13df59700  0 log_channel(cluster) log [WRN] : client.145678382 does not advance its oldest_client_tid (16121616), 100000 completed requests recorded in session

Okay, if so it's hard to say and dig out what has happened in client why it didn't advance the tid.


- Xiubo

Best regards,
Frank Schilder
AIT Risø Campus
Bygning 109, rum S14

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