Ceph Leadership Team Meeting, 2023-07-26 Minutes

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Welcome to Aviv Caro as new Ceph NVMe-oF lead

Reef status:
* reef 18.1.3 built, gibba cluster upgraded, plan to publish this week
* https://pad.ceph.com/p/reef_final_blockers all resolved except for
bookworm builds https://tracker.ceph.com/issues/61845
* only blockers will merge to reef so the release matches final rc

Planning for distribution updates earlier in release process:
* centos 9 testing wasn't enabled for reef until very late
-- partly because of missing python dependencies
-- required fixes to test suites of every component so we couldn't
merge until everything was fixed
* also applies to major dependencies like boost and rocksdb
-- boost upgrade on main disrupted testing on other release branches
-- build containerization in CI would help a lot here. discussion
continues tomorrow in Ceph Infrastructure meeting

Improving the documentation/procedure for deploying a vstart cluster:
* including installation of dependencies and compilation
-- add test coverage on fresh distros to verify that all required
dependencies are installed
* README.md will be the canonical guide

CDS concluded yesterday:
* recordings at
* component leads to update ceph backlog on trello
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