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On 3/20/23 12:02, Frank Schilder wrote:
Hi Marc,

I'm also interested in an S3 service that uses a file system as a back-end. I looked at the documentation of and have to say that it doesn't make much sense to me. I don't see this kind of gateway anywhere there. What I see is a build of a rados gateway that can be pointed at a ceph cluster. That's not a gateway to an FS.

Did I misunderstand your actual request or can you point me to the part of the documentation where it says how to spin up an S3 interface using a file system for user data?

The only thing I found is, but it sounds to me that this is not where the user data will be going.

Thanks for any hints and best regards,

for testing you can try:

Yes indeed, that looks like it can be used with a simple fs backend.


I was playing around with RadosGW's file backend (coming in Reef, zipper) a few months back and ended up making this docker container that just works to setup things:; published (still, maybe for a while?) at

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