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Hi Cephers,

I have large OMAP objects on one of my cluster (certainly due to a big bucket deletion, and things not completely purged).

Since there is no tool to either reconstruct index from data or purge unused index, I thought I can use mutlisite replication.

As I am in a multisite configuration, and the cluster is not in the master zone, will all the data be recovered from the master zone if I stop radosgw, delete RGW index and data pools, and restart radosgw ?
Or will it definitively not be so simple ?

The data pool reports 8TB used.
Even if it works, it will take ages...

If someone has another idea to remove those large OMAP objects...
I've seen several times that question on the mailing list, but never saw a response that works or was adapted for my use case.

The rgw-orphan-list script could be a solution, but too long to run on my cluster. And still, I have to know if I really can delete objects, and I have no clue...
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