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Hi Alex,

thanks a lot for your reply. This sounds interesting. I'm using a prebuilt version deployed via cephadm, it's using some containers pulled from

Right now, I'm too scared to build his myself for the production system... Thinking about setting up a VM which mounts the cephfs via mount.ceph and exports it via regular NFS as a workaround... (Can't directly use mount.ceph due to old kernel verisons on some clients.)



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Hey Patrick,

I had a somewhat similar issue but with FSAL_RGW.
On the NFS-side, I noticed missing files. There were no errors in the logfiles whatsoever.

Solution was to rebuild nfs-ganesha with the most recent libceph-dev at that time.
Are you using pre-built ganesha binaries or did you compile it yourself?

Best Regards,
Alex Walender

Am 15.03.23 um 12:02 schrieb Patrick Schlangen:
> Hi,
> today I saw a strange situation where files which were copied to a cephfs via Ganesha NFS (deployed via cephadm) disappeared from the NFS directory and then did not show up anymore until I restarted the ganesha instance. This could be observed on different NFS client hosts. While the files were not showing, they could still be seen via cephfs-shell, so I assume the issue is somewhere on the NFS side. Interestingly, the folder modification time (shown in ls) matched the time the file was copied to that folder.
> Any idea what could be the issue here? Unfortunately there were no interesting logs and I couldn't find a way yet to reproduce this.
> The ceph version in use is 17.2.5.
> Thanks,
> Patrick
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