Re: [RGW - octopus] too many omapkeys on versioned bucket

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I've tried it the other way around and let cat give out all escaped chars
and the did the grep:

# cat -A omapkeys_list | grep -aFn '<PARENT>/<FOLDER><FIRST_PART_OF_FILE>'

Did anyone ever saw something like this?

Am Mo., 13. Feb. 2023 um 14:31 Uhr schrieb Boris Behrens <bb@xxxxxxxxx>:

> So here is some more weirdness:
> I've piped a list of all omapkeys into a file: (dedacted customer data
> with placeholders in <>)
> # grep -aFn '<PARENT>/<FOLDER>/<FIRST_PART_OF_FILE>' omapkeys_list
> omapkeys_list
> <Returns nothing>
> # vim omapkeys_list +88010 (copy pasted from terminal)
> Any idea what this is?
> Am Mo., 13. Feb. 2023 um 13:57 Uhr schrieb Boris Behrens <bb@xxxxxxxxx>:
>> Hi,
>> I have one bucket that showed up with a large omap warning, but the
>> amount of objects in the bucket, does not align with the amount of omap
>> keys. The bucket is sharded to get rid of the "large omapkeys" warning.
>> I've counted all the omapkeys of one bucket and it came up with 33.383.622
>> (rados -p INDEXPOOL listomapkeys INDEXOBJECT | wc -l)
>> I've checked the amount of actual rados objects and it came up with
>> 17.095.877
>> (rados -p DATAPOOL ls | grep BUCKETMARKER | wc -l)
>> I've checked the bucket index and it came up with 16.738.482
>> (radosgw-admin bi list --bucket BUCKET | grep -F '"idx":' | wc -l)
>> I have tried to fix it with
>> radosgw-admin bucket check --check-objects --fix --bucket BUCKET
>> but this did not change anything.
>> Is this a known bug or might there be something else going on. How can I
>> investigate further?
>> Cheers
>>  Boris
>> --
>> Die Selbsthilfegruppe "UTF-8-Probleme" trifft sich diesmal abweichend im
>> groüen Saal.
> --
> Die Selbsthilfegruppe "UTF-8-Probleme" trifft sich diesmal abweichend im
> groüen Saal.

Die Selbsthilfegruppe "UTF-8-Probleme" trifft sich diesmal abweichend im
groüen Saal.
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