Rotate lockbox keyring

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I'm on Ceph 16.2.10, and I'm trying to rotate the ceph lockbox keyring. I
used ceph-authtool to create a new keyring, and used `ceph auth import -i
<new-keyring>` to update the lockbox keyring. I also updated the keyring
file, which is /var/lib/ceph/osd/ceph-<osd-id>/lockbox.keyring. I tried
`systemctl restart ceph-volume@lvm-<osd-id>-<osd-fsid>.service`, the
command succeeded. Then I rebooted the node, ceph-volume failed because the
lockbox.keyring file was overwritten with the old key, which doesn't match
the lockbox keyring in `ceph auth get`. Does anyone know where it gets the
lockbox.keyring during reboot?

Zhongzhou Cai
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