Perhaps trivial problem but important to me

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I have two computers: CentOS 7 (KDE 4) and CentOS 8 (KDE 5). I'm also
an avid Doom player (yeah, I'm an old geezer). On C7 using prboom v
2.5.0 and a graphical interface I wrote to select a wad file to play
without using the command line, everything works fine. On C8, using
the same prboom 2.5.0, graphical interface, and the same SDL
libraries, the video is "jerky" - every 2 seconds or so the video
stops for a fraction of a second and then restarts. This makes game
play a bit irritating.

This problem does not occur when playing videos with mplayer, also
using a graphical interface I wrote to select files to play.

I've looked at system settings, checked process usage using ps and can
find no reason why there is a difference between playing Doom in C7
and C8.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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