Re: Help with an HP Proliant gen10 plus?

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> On 1/9/23 01:37, Simon Matter wrote:
>>> Just starting and trying to boot off the SPP firmware update ISO image
>>> on a USB stick.
>>> I made the stick with:
>>> # mkfs.vfat /dev/sdb
>>     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>> Why create an MS-DOS filesystem on the stick which gets immediately
>> overwritten in the next step?
> I think the idea is to get that first 4MB set up for booting, as the dd
> skips that space.

No, what you've set is a dd block size of 4MB.

>>> # dd bs=4M
>>> if=P52581_001_gen10spp-2022.09.01.00-SPP2022090100.2022_0930.1.iso
>>> of=/dev/sdb status=progress
>> Is this what HPE says how to create the stick? If yes then you may ask
>> HPE
>> how to get it to work.
> HP gives no instructions.  At least I can't find it on the support
> pages.  I do have a support account.

You should be able to simply do

dd if=P52581_001_gen10spp-2022.09.01.00-SPP2022090100.2022_0930.1.iso

of even simpler

cat P52581_001_gen10spp-2022.09.01.00-SPP2022090100.2022_0930.1.iso >

If that's not working I don't know what to do else.

Otherwise you could search for an USB disk image instead of an ISO image,
I don't know if HPE provides such a thing.

BTW, if this server has an HPE ILO, you can upgrade firmware directly from


> You should just 'know' how to build a bootable device from a 9GB iso
> image.
>>> The usb drive is 16GB and the iso is 9GB.
>>> seem to boot from it and go into auto install of firmware then died
>>> with
>>> starting initrd...
>>> warning!!! Unable to mount the file system [cdrom]
>>> warning!!! Unable to mount the file system
>>> Preboot maintence mode
>>> /bin/ash: can't access tty: job control turned off
>>> and at # prompt.
>>> There is no cdrom on the gen10 plus.  Only in internal bootable usb
>>> port.
>> That's usually fine because the cdrom can be mounted as loop device. No
>> need for a real cdrom.
> Yeah.  Going to work on it some more today.  Plus got a finish a paper
> for a symposium.  I give up on learning tex; I found a word template
> that can create the right pdf, so pull out all my writing in tex and
> start over.  And I DO use the IETF's xml format for creating Internet
> Drafts, so I am teachable on this stuff despite my age...
> I do vaguely recall working with tex for writing back around '78, but
> that was it.
>> Regards,
>> Simon
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