Re: Help with an HP Proliant gen10 plus?

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On 1/9/23 01:37, Simon Matter wrote:
Just starting and trying to boot off the SPP firmware update ISO image
on a USB stick.

I made the stick with:

# mkfs.vfat /dev/sdb
Why create an MS-DOS filesystem on the stick which gets immediately
overwritten in the next step?

I think the idea is to get that first 4MB set up for booting, as the dd skips that space.

# dd bs=4M
of=/dev/sdb status=progress
Is this what HPE says how to create the stick? If yes then you may ask HPE
how to get it to work.

HP gives no instructions.  At least I can't find it on the support pages.  I do have a support account.

You should just 'know' how to build a bootable device from a 9GB iso image.

The usb drive is 16GB and the iso is 9GB.

seem to boot from it and go into auto install of firmware then died with

starting initrd...

warning!!! Unable to mount the file system [cdrom]
warning!!! Unable to mount the file system

Preboot maintence mode

/bin/ash: can't access tty: job control turned off

and at # prompt.

There is no cdrom on the gen10 plus.  Only in internal bootable usb port.
That's usually fine because the cdrom can be mounted as loop device. No
need for a real cdrom.

Yeah.  Going to work on it some more today.  Plus got a finish a paper for a symposium.  I give up on learning tex; I found a word template that can create the right pdf, so pull out all my writing in tex and start over.  And I DO use the IETF's xml format for creating Internet Drafts, so I am teachable on this stuff despite my age...

I do vaguely recall working with tex for writing back around '78, but that was it.


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