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Proliant gen8 does NOT have UEFI.

So I think this means I better move up to the gen10...

On 1/4/23 09:44, Robert Moskowitz wrote:
After a lot of hours searching, here is what I am coming to....

3.5" 2-bay standard built just does not exist these days.  Pretty much everything is at least 4-bay.

the HP Proliant gen8 looks like a good deal, and only use 2 bays. Some models have RAID1.

9x9x10 case, not too bad.

The 1U setups end up being more as they expect them to be used for big servers.

Or I head over to Microcenter tomorrow (have to go anyway for a few items, 8mi away) and see what we can build.  They have a few 2-bay boxes.

One "enticing" aspect of the gen8 is one pair of drives, 1Gb, for the OS and another pair for the mail.

On 1/3/23 17:42, Robert Heller wrote:
Just search for a 2-disk 1U x86_64 (Intel or AMD) system that has room for 2 SATA drives (probably a pair 2.5" SSDs). Don't bother to search for RAID.

Probably something like these:

At Tue, 3 Jan 2023 17:22:13 -0500 Robert Moskowitz <rgm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

And I am just coming up empty on my searches.

My search foo has been really off, it seems.

On 1/3/23 17:13, Robert Heller wrote:
At Tue, 3 Jan 2023 16:55:40 -0500 Robert Moskowitz wrote:


I am looking for a box I can drop Centos or one of the spinoffs that:

Has RAID1 internal (not an external USB RAID thing)
      Can be software or hardware
All modern Linux kernels include software RAID out-of-the-box.  This means any
system that supports more than one disk that you can install Linux on
(including CentOS) can be set up with Linux software RAID. If you want
hot-swap, there are various SATA hot-swap units than can be mounted in a ATX case with front 5" or 3" spaces.  A modern ATX motherboard with a AHA SATA controller will support Linux, including hot-swap SATA disks, including SATA
connected SSDs.

small (4TB/drive fine) and low power

I plan to use it ONLY for email server. perhaps iRedMail

I have spent a lot of time looking and not finding any such piece of metal.

All I find are NAS boxes with their own OS.


Bob (frustrated)
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