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Hi Robert,

my old home server needed to much energy (~80VA) permanently, so I went for an
The manufacturer is located in Korea and has dealers around the world. Put it in one of their cases add two drives and you will have a system that consumes less than 20VA under load, less than 15VA idle. My new system is just doing its job, the whole thing will be below 250USD excluding drives.


Tuesday, January 3, 2023, 10:55:40 PM, schriebst Du:

> Help?

> I am looking for a box I can drop Centos or one of the spinoffs that:

> Has RAID1 internal (not an external USB RAID thing)
>      Can be software or hardware

> small (4TB/drive fine) and low power

> I plan to use it ONLY for email server.  perhaps iRedMail

> I have spent a lot of time looking and not finding any such piece of metal.

> All I find are NAS boxes with their own OS.

> thanks

> Bob (frustrated)
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Michael Schumacher

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