Re: Microsoft deprecation of basic authentication centos 7

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> Consider looking at a generic proxy like

this is very interesting...
I did the following:
yum install python3
downloaded teh above
yum install python3-pip
pip-3 install --upgrade pip
ran the requirements - it install crypto and stuff.
change the config file to be for my office 365 account

run python3 -no-gui   (also tried --debug --debug)

And nothing really happens - prints a couple lines - about starting IMAP
POP SMTP but nothing about
trying to connect - no errors - no nothing.

My config has:

local_address = localhost
server_address =
server_port = 993

server_address =
server_port = 995

server_address =
server_port = 587
starttls = True

permission_url =
token_url =
oauth2_scope = offline_access
redirect_uri = http://localhost
client_id = xyz@abc
client_secret = old_secret

The @abc is not its the email address hosted by office365.

What did I miss?

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