Re: CentOS Stream 8 dnf fails

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Le 14/02/2022 à 13:36, Bill Gee a écrit :
Hmmmm.....  I thought I was already on stream, but apparently not.  /etc/redhat-release says it is not stream.

I looked for a method to upgrade.  Found some notes at techrepublic.  The first step is to install centos-release-stream, which fails.  So what is the method for doing an upgrade?

Bare metal reinstall is NOT an option.  If that is the only way to do it, then I will just let this system run for a few years with no updates.

As mentioned by Pete Biggs, you can also move to another RHEL clone, which have all the updates, for example Rocky Linux, or Alma Linux. There is a script to do it :

It is not recommended to not have any updates for years...


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