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Hello Greg,

On 10/8/21 12:30 PM, Young, Gregory wrote:
I am trying to track down what happened with the “kernel-azure” packages that were created by the Virt SIG? I see the last release was August 2020.

The kernel was not built for CentOS 7.9, the key issue being that the Azure kernel relies on Microsoft' Linux Integration Services (LIS) patches[1] which have not been updated in some time either. In fact the documentation states that the patches are supported up to CentOS 7.6, but I was able to port through 7.8 as the changes were minor. But 7.9 was a bit bigger, and most changes from LIS already moved (slowly) into upstream RHEL between 7.6 and now. Without official testing and support from the upstream LIS it seemed less useful to try and do the port to 7.9.

I also can’t seem to find the sources in the Virt repo ( <>), nor in the CentOS git repo ( <>).

I guess not all mirrors contain the source packages, but you can find the srpms on[2].

I’m assuming the status is you no longer wish to build the Azure specific kernel, and I would like to see what was involved in doing so, to decide if I want to build them, or if I need to deprecate the Azure kernel for our appliances in the field.

I think the best option right now is to update to the latest community-supported kernel from 7.9. However, if there is something missing there or something you needed from LIS then feel free to reach out to me directly and I'll try to help.



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