Re: Are XSA-289, XSA-274/CVE-2018-14678 fixed ?

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Looks like this never got a response from anyone.

On 6/25/19 10:15 AM, Yuriy Kohut wrote:
> Hello,
> Are XSA-289 and XSA-274/CVE-2018-14678 fixed with Xen recent 4.8, 4.10 and kernel 4.9.177 packages  ?

XSA-289 is a tricky subject.  In the end, it was effectively decided
that these patches were not recommended until they were reviewed again
and XSA-289 has no official list of flaws or fixes as a result.  The
main mitigation action suggested is to disable SMT on the CPU if possible.

XSA-274 was patched into Linux 4.9 almost a year ago:

That's 4.9.124, so yes, 4.9.177 has it.

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