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I have a couple of Mac’s I use (a MBP 15” and a Mac mini), but I have a stack of Linux KVM/Qemu hosts (Centos 7.5) running various VM’s (Ubuntu, Fedora, Win7, Win10, etc).

Currently I ssh in with tunneling for X, and let the VNC client draw remotely on XQuartz.  It’s reasonably fast on my 1Gb network, but glitchy (hangs, pointer location being wrong, spurious keyboard repeats, refreshing the bottom 1/8 of the screen over and over for no reason, etc).

I’ve been told the Wayland+QXL on the guest, and remote Spice over SSH, is the way to go, but I’ve only found one (fairly out-of-date) OS X client ( from

I’m not sure if the client is using an out of date API that has really poor performance, or I’ve misconfigured things, or what.

Can someone in a similar situation post what they’re doing to get satisfactory performance?

Especially if it works well on slower (10mb/s) connections when on the road, etc.



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