Re: ANNOUNCE: centos-release-xen switching to 4.8 next week

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On 08/02/2018 03:58 AM, T.Weyergraf wrote:
> Hi
> Thanks for providing updated Packages, they are much appreciated. At work, we are currently running an entire production infrastructure on Xen4CentOS,
> with quite some success.
> We are looking into a refresh towards CentOS 7 along with newer Xen and Dom0 Kernel packages. However, even the updated packages are quite old. Xen
> 4.8 is out of active support since June and will see the end of security support in less than a year. says December 2019, so about a year and 4 months.

> Likewise, a newer LTS kernel (4.14) exists for
> quite some time, while the Xen4CentOS effort currently uses 4.9.

The end support date for that is much sooner: January 2019. Based on I'm not sure if it makes sense to
move until a new LTS is available, as I suspect that will happen before 4.9 support ends. If you wanted to contribute an experimental 4.14 kernel it
might be accepted.

> Are there any short to mid-term plans to bump both versions to more current ones (i.e.: 4.10 and 4.14)?

Anthony's original email said "that update will come with a new package centos-release-xen-410 to install Xen 4.10." So yes on Xen.

> As a side note, is there anything reasonable, people like me could to, to support the speed-up of that process? I would consider testing to be
> important, but are there any regression test-suites, one could use? I am aware, there are such tests, but I have not found something to actually try
> in our test-infrastructure.

My understanding is that would be most welcome if you have anything to contribute. There are occasional meetings on freenode in #centos-devel for the
virt-sig but you can also try the #centos-virt irc room.

> Finally a big shout-out and kudos to the Xen community and Xen4CentOS. Your work is used and much appreciated.

+1, we haven't given back enough ourselves.

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