Re: ANNOUNCE: centos-release-xen switching to 4.8 next week

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Thanks for providing updated Packages, they are much appreciated. At work, we are currently running an entire production infrastructure on Xen4CentOS, with quite some success.

We are looking into a refresh towards CentOS 7 along with newer Xen and Dom0 Kernel packages. However, even the updated packages are quite old. Xen 4.8 is out of active support since June and will see the end of security support in less than a year. Likewise, a newer LTS kernel (4.14) exists for quite some time, while the Xen4CentOS effort currently uses 4.9.

Are there any short to mid-term plans to bump both versions to more current ones (i.e.: 4.10 and 4.14)? Currently, our update-tests are based on 4.10 candidate packages with kernel 4.9. Given the support timelines, I'd rather prefer 4.10 over 4.8. A change in Xen versions has been never successfully performed using live-migration between versions, so a reboot of more or less our entire infrastructure is required. Something you would not consider light-hearted.

As a side note, is there anything reasonable, people like me could to, to support the speed-up of that process? I would consider testing to be important, but are there any regression test-suites, one could use? I am aware, there are such tests, but I have not found something to actually try in our test-infrastructure.

Finally a big shout-out and kudos to the Xen community and Xen4CentOS. Your work is used and much appreciated.



On 08/02/2018 12:32 PM, Anthony PERARD wrote:

We are about to update the centos-release-xen package to point to Xen
4.8 rather than 4.6. I'll push the update next week.

As a reminder, you can "pin" your installation to Xen 4.6 by installing
centos-release-xen-46 and then removing centos-release-xen.

And for the more adventurous, that update will come with a new package
centos-release-xen-410 to install Xen 4.10.

(Testing will be updated today.)


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