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On 01/18/2018 02:29 PM, Sarah Newman wrote:
> On 01/18/2018 09:56 AM, Kevin Stange wrote:
>> Apparently I failed to do proper due diligence before making this
>> recommendation.  The Xen 4.4 repo does not have vixen build because of a
>> dependency upon grub2 which isn't available under CentOS 6.  Your best
>> bet would be to use Vixen for PV domains, so if you think that's
>> something you want to do, we need some volunteers to help with packaging
>> and testing.  Otherwise, use HVM domains or upgrade to a newer version
>> of Xen.  Sorry for this error on my part.
> We have a SPEC file available for grub2: you will need epel installed.

Kevin was nice enough to maintain xen-4.4 for a while after the EOL.

If there is anyone who wants to maintain the xen-4.4 tree then they are
welcome to do the work and I would be happy to push the updates.

If someone is interested in maintaining the tree ... you need to read
and understand the README here:

The Xen patchqueue and stg info is there as well.

Anyone want to maintain the xen-44 tree for c6?

There does seem to be a couple people maintaining / Backporting patches
now (OpenSUSE and Oracle seem to be).  If you get onto the Xen security
mailing list (if you are not already on it) .. you can work with those 2
and maybe others to maintain the xen-44 tree.

If not, we will move the xen-4.4 tree to vault at the next point release
time (CentOS 6.10) .. or maybe moved to vault sooner.

Johnny Hughes

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