Re: Centos 6 2.6.32-696.18.7.el6.x86_64 does not boot in Xen PV mode

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On 01/17/2018 05:00 AM, Dan wrote:
> Is this now fixed in the latest release by updating the hypervisor, the
> same as CentOS 7? Or does this require something further?
> I came across which seems to
> suggest Redhat are working on resolving the issue, so if that's the case
> then maybe the solution implemented by CentOS is not the best option?

You basically have a couple choices:

1. Do not use a PV DomU.  The kernel in question boots fine in HVM mode
or PVHVM mode.

2.  Do not use the new kernel (don't update).  Wait for Red Hat to
release the updated kernel source patches and CentOS will pick them up.
You can update after that.

3.  Upgrade the kernel to the latest 4.9.x kernel that is in the xen
repo for Dom0's .. it will also run on the quest in PV mode.

4.  I think the elrepo centos-6 ml kernel will boot on xen PV as well.

Johnny Hughes

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