Re: Major stability problems with xen 4.6.6

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> It seems the patch you mentioned was merged to upstream Linux here:
> d=71472fa9c52b1da27663c275d416d8654b905f05
> and then reverted/removed here:
> d=896d81fefe5d1919537db2c2150ab6384e4a6610
> Do you know if there has been proper/fixed patch after that? has it been
> merged to upstream Linux kernel already?

Interesting! I didn't come across that when digging into this.

It looks like this hasn't been followed up on at all  since April:;do=search_results;search_type=AND;sea

Currently I've got ~40 dom0's running with the patch on 4.9.44-39 and it's
resolved all stability issues, previously I was seeing multiple crashes a


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