Re: Copying CentOS AMIs for EBS encryption

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Just wondering if anyone was able to look at this option with the current images or could share some tips on copying the image to another AWS account so we can use EBS encryption on the volume without tainting the image too much?


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Subject: Copying CentOS AMIs for EBS encryption


I am trying to copy the latest CentOS image to my own AWS account so that I can enable EBS volume encryption.  It currently looks like the option when sharing the image is not enabled to allow direct copying of the snapshots, and I am wondering if this could be looked at?  I can start an instance with this AMI, then create a new snapshot for the purpose of enabling EBS volume encryption, but I want to keep the image as clean as possible, and am worried if I run the image then some scripts will get ran that will customise the image with keys etc.

If there is a better way to do this then happy to discuss.

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