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I tried this new kernel on out xen testbed with centos 6 and iscsi over qlog 57810 is not working,
tried replacing drivers from manufacturer but does not work either.

tried 4.9.23 from repo and is not working

finally the old 4.9.13-22.el6.x86_64 is the only one from 4.9.x taht is working with hw iscsi on this cards.

I will be happy to help debug the issue and get a latest kernel working with iscsi .


On 27/06/2017 16:40, Johnny Hughes wrote:
OK Guys and Gals,

We have just kicked off a build of the 4.9.34-29 xen kernel on the
Community Build Service for both EL6 and EL7.

This kernel has some important things in it.

1.  It has a patch for the stack guard issue (CVE-2017-1000364). Also
the patch for Xen Security fix XSA-216.

See these upstream changelogs for ALL kernel commits from 4.9.31 to 4.9.34:

2.  It has a fix for the xen-netback rate limit queues
(  (Thanks very much
to Kevin Stange and Jean-Louis Dupond for finding a fix for this issue)

3.  It now contains debuginfo files (thanks to Sarah Newman for this
amazing addition!).


The kernels are currently building, it will likely take 4 to 6 hours for
them to make their way to the applicable testing repos:





If you actually need the debuginfo files, they will be here (also in 4
or so hours):




Let's do some real testing of these and see if we can solve the issues
people are having .. this should already solve server and the debuginfo
files should help solve others. 

I think Kevin and Jean-Louis also know how to solve the Windows BSOD
when run on a Xen 4.9.x dom0 server .. they can comment here.  Hopefully
whoever maintains the newer Windows drivers will fix the ACPI / APIC
issues and no work around will be necessary soon(ish).

I also want to personally (and publicly) thank Kevin, Jean-Louis, and
Sarah for the substantial work and the community collaboration.  This is
EXACTLY what we need for the Virt SIG .. people solving problems and
doing github pull requests so we can, together as a group, get these
projects working much better. 

If someone else wants to help us with the Kernel .. or Xen .. here are
our github branches:

Fork them .. work on them .. talk to us on #centos-virt in freenode or
on this mailing list .. then once we are all happy, you can submit a
pull request and we'll get your issues fixed.

Johnny Hughes

CentOS-virt mailing list

Giuseppe Tanzilli
CentOS-virt mailing list

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