Re: New 4.9.11-22 kernels and linux-firmware packages to test in xen-testing for CentOS-6 and CentOS-7

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Hello, is this kernel is also for KVM hosts? If not, will be? I use elrepo now...

T.Weyergraf wrote:


So far, I did some preliminary testing using nested virt:

host(L0): Fedora 25, kernel-4.9.11-200, kvm+qemu

Guest(L1): CentOS 7 Xen-4.6.3-7, kernel-4.9.11-22

So far, at least the L1 setup had no issues. I'll need to pull L1
guest-storage from backup to test some L2 guests.

Likewise, I try to allocate two blades at work for tests on real
metal. Our standard-tests include starting CentOS-5/6/7 guests and
migrate them around. I hope to get this done next week, but I need
company approval for that, which seems doable, as we use Xen4CentOS in
production :)
Running diverse CentOS versions and some Windows Server guests and
being capable of migrating the whole shebang around from machine to
machine is our daily use case. That includes PV, HVM+PV and PVHVM
guest types, which is pretty comprehensive to me.

Let me know, if you are interested in more detailed
settings/setup/tests and I will see, what I can run.

Rest assured, that this work is much needed and appreciated. We run
almost 1000 virtual machines on about 70 blades using Xen4CentOS since
day 1. This new kernel gives us the latest drivers in Dom0, something
which is highly desired, as we are seeing issues occasionally, like
bnx2x oops-ing on broadcom 10G interfaces.


On 02/27/2017 02:00 PM, Johnny Hughes wrote:

On 02/21/2017 11:40 AM, Johnny Hughes wrote:

I have pushed some new kernels and linux-firmware packages to the
xen-testing repos for both CentOS-6 and CentOS-7.  The CentOS-7 packages
may take a few hours to make it to the repo.

The CentOS-6 repo also contains a newer xfsprogs as that is required
with newer kernels (

This kernel (and supplementary xfsprogs, linux-firmware) are scheduled
to be the replacements for the 3.18.x LTS tree that has gone EOL from  We can maintain the 4.9 LTS tree until January 2019

We have added in blktap2 support to this kernel, please test that
functionality if you need it, it seems to be working to me.

We really need people to test this kernel and associated packages
thoroughly so we can find and fix issues before release.

Please post any issues or questions on this list.

OK, just tagged 4.9.13-22.el7 (and .el6) to the testing repos for xen on
c6 and c7 as this fixes the new dccp kernel issue.

Only have one person reporting good tests so far.  We need more testing
or we risk to breaking people's systems when we release later.

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