New 4.9.11-22 kernels and linux-firmware packages to test in xen-testing for CentOS-6 and CentOS-7

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I have pushed some new kernels and linux-firmware packages to the
xen-testing repos for both CentOS-6 and CentOS-7.  The CentOS-7 packages
may take a few hours to make it to the repo.

The CentOS-6 repo also contains a newer xfsprogs as that is required
with newer kernels (

This kernel (and supplementary xfsprogs, linux-firmware) are scheduled
to be the replacements for the 3.18.x LTS tree that has gone EOL from  We can maintain the 4.9 LTS tree until January 2019

We have added in blktap2 support to this kernel, please test that
functionality if you need it, it seems to be working to me.

We really need people to test this kernel and associated packages
thoroughly so we can find and fix issues before release.

Please post any issues or questions on this list.


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