Re: [Bluez-users] Motorola S9 and BlueZ 4.14

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And here's a full instrumented run:

bluetoothd[22394]: link_key_request (sba=00:1D:60:69:91:18,
bluetoothd[22394]: kernel auth requirements = 0x00
bluetoothd[22394]: stored link key type = 0x00
bluetoothd[22394]: adapter_get_device(00:0D:FD:15:F0:3E)
bluetoothd[22394]: hcid_dbus_bonding_process_complete: status=00
bluetoothd[22394]: adapter_get_device(00:0D:FD:15:F0:3E)
bluetoothd[22394]: hcid_dbus_bonding_process_complete: no pending auth request
bluetoothd[22394]: AVDTP: incoming connect from 00:0D:FD:15:F0:3E
bluetoothd[22394]: session_cb
bluetoothd[22394]: Received DISCOVER_CMD
bluetoothd[22394]: session_cb
bluetoothd[22394]: Received  GET_CAPABILITIES_CMD
bluetoothd[22394]: Source 0xb9232388: Get_Capability_Ind
bluetoothd[22394]: session_cb
bluetoothd[22394]: Received SET_CONFIGURATION_CMD
DEBUG: setting stream sock to -1
bluetoothd[22394]: Source 0xb9232388: Set_Configuration_Ind
bluetoothd[22394]: avdtp_ref(0xb92374d8): ref=2
bluetoothd[22394]: stream state changed: IDLE -> CONFIGURED
bluetoothd[22394]: session_cb
bluetoothd[22394]: Received OPEN_CMD
bluetoothd[22394]: Source 0xb9232388: Open_Ind
bluetoothd[22394]: stream state changed: CONFIGURED -> OPEN
bluetoothd[22394]: Accepted new client connection on unix socket (fd=24)
bluetoothd[22394]: Audio API: received BT_GETCAPABILITIES_REQ
bluetoothd[22394]: avdtp_ref(0xb92374d8): ref=3
bluetoothd[22394]: AVCTP: connected to 00:0D:FD:15:F0:3E
bluetoothd[22394]: AVRCP: uinput initialized for 00:0D:FD:15:F0:3E
bluetoothd[22394]: session_cb
bluetoothd[22394]: DISCOVER request succeeded
bluetoothd[22394]: seid 1 type 1 media 0 in use 1
bluetoothd[22394]: seid 2 type 1 media 0 in use 1
bluetoothd[22394]: session_cb
bluetoothd[22394]: GET_CAPABILITIES request succeeded
bluetoothd[22394]: seid 1 type 1 media 0
bluetoothd[22394]: Audio API: sending BT_GETCAPABILITIES_RSP
bluetoothd[22394]: Audio API: received BT_SETCONFIGURATION_REQ
bluetoothd[22394]: config a2dp - device = 00:0D:FD:15:F0:3E access_mode = 2
bluetoothd[22394]: codec sbc - frequency = 2 channel_mode = 1
allocation = 1 subbands = 1 blocks = 1 bitpool = 44
bluetoothd[22394]: a2dp_source_config: selected SEP 0xb9232388
bluetoothd[22394]: avdtp_ref(0xb92374d8): ref=4
bluetoothd[22394]: setup_ref(0xb9234250): ref=1
bluetoothd[22394]: setup_ref(0xb9234250): ref=2
bluetoothd[22394]: SEP 0xb9232388 locked
DEBUG: stream sock is -1
bluetoothd[22394]: Unable to get stream transport
bluetoothd[22394]: config failed
bluetoothd[22394]: SEP 0xb9232388 unlocked
bluetoothd[22394]: Audio API: sending BT_SETCONFIGURATION_RSP
bluetoothd[22394]: avdtp_unref(0xb92374d8): ref=3
bluetoothd[22394]: setup_unref(0xb9234250): ref=1
bluetoothd[22394]: setup_unref(0xb9234250): ref=0
bluetoothd[22394]: setup_free(0xb9234250)
bluetoothd[22394]: avdtp_unref(0xb92374d8): ref=2
bluetoothd[22394]: Unix client disconnected (fd=24)
bluetoothd[22394]: AVDTP: incoming connect from 00:0D:FD:15:F0:3E
DEBUG: setting stream sock to 24
DEBUG: trying to change stream state from 2 to 2
bluetoothd[22394]: stream state change failed: Input/output error
bluetoothd[22394]: session_cb
bluetoothd[22394]: Received START_CMD
bluetoothd[22394]: Source 0xb9232388: Start_Ind
bluetoothd[22394]: avdtp_ref(0xb92374d8): ref=3
bluetoothd[22394]: stream state changed: OPEN -> STREAMING
bluetoothd[22394]: avdtp_unref(0xb92374d8): ref=2
bluetoothd[22394]: session_cb
bluetoothd[22394]: SUSPEND request succeeded
bluetoothd[22394]: stream state changed: STREAMING -> OPEN
bluetoothd[22394]: Source 0xb9232388: Suspend_Cfm
bluetoothd[22394]: session_cb
bluetoothd[22394]: CLOSE request succeeded
bluetoothd[22394]: stream state changed: OPEN -> CLOSING
DEBUG: setting stream sock to -1
bluetoothd[22394]: Source 0xb9232388: Close_Cfm
bluetoothd[22394]: stream state changed: CLOSING -> IDLE
bluetoothd[22394]: avdtp_unref(0xb92374d8): ref=1
bluetoothd[22394]: Disconnected from 00:0D:FD:15:F0:3E
bluetoothd[22394]: avdtp_unref(0xb92374d8): ref=0
bluetoothd[22394]: avdtp_unref(0xb92374d8): freeing session and
removing from list

What's interesting is the "connected to X"/"incoming connect from X"
pair that seems to cause double stream state change to OPEN. Also
there seems to be a race condition between bluez and pulseaudio's
bluetooth-discovery agent (notice where it tries to get stream
properties long before setting the connection socket).

Patryk Zawadzki

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